Observing that the average citizen is not properly equipped to preserve life in worst-case scenarios and with a continual desire to serve in some capacity, Mike Glover forged Fieldcraft Survival in 2015. Eighteen years of experience coupled with lessons learned paved the way to provide American Citizens with the tactics, techniques, and procedures to survive in potential disasters.

Fieldcraft offers information gathered by former Special Operations soldiers and subject matter experts in their particular field of expertise to build better Americans.


To better prepare the American citizen with knowledge and equipment that preserves life in worst-case scenarios.



A former Special Forces disabled veteran with more than 18 years of military service, Mike has operated at the highest levels of Special Forces.

He has served in the following positions within Special Forces:  Weapons Specialist, Sniper, Assaulter/Operator, Recon Specialist, Joint Terminal Air Controller (JTAC), Team Sergeant, and Operations SGM.

Mike is a certified U.S. Government federal firearms instructor and is NRA-certified and insured. He also has trained mobility with Team O’Neil Rally School, BSR Racing, and BW driver’s courses. He is medically trained every two years in Advanced Medical Trauma and continually maintains his re-certifications for consultation practices.

Considered a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in planning and executing Special Operations in a myriad of complex environments, Mike has taken his 18 years of experience and is giving the American citizen the applicable training tools and training necessary to better protect themselves and their families here and abroad.


Kurt is an 18-year Army Special Operations veteran who served 11 years as a senior weapons sergeant, sniper instructor, and acting team sergeant in 3rd Special Forces Group (A). Kurt’s last assignment in 3rd Special Forces Group was sniper team leader in the Commander’ In-Extremis Force. Kurt’s combat experience includes combat deployments in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Iraq, Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Afghanistan, and multiple contingency deployments to Central Command’s area of responsibility with 33 total months of combat deployments.

Kurt has advised and led joint force assaults, combat patrols, reconnaissance missions, and served as a senior enlisted advisor in a United States Embassy abroad. Kurt has extensive experience training U.S. and indigenous forces in small unit tactics, combat marksmanship, all facets of urban combat operations, operational planning, low profile security operations, and foreign and domestic weapon systems.

As an instructor Kurt has taught classes in Sniper Marksmanship, advanced MOUT, Close Quarters Battle, hostage rescue operation, explosive, ballistic, and mechanical breaching, foreign weapons, mobility operations, operational planning, surgical pistol and rifle marksmanship.


Zack is a former active duty Air Force Special Operations Pararescueman (PJ) and current Air Force Special Operations Reservist tasked with the recovery and medical treatment of personnel in humanitarian and combat environments. Prior to joining the reserves, Zack honed his skills over six years on active duty supporting two deployments totaling 335 days to Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) and conducting several Humanitarian assistance/disaster relief missions worldwide.

As a member of the 306 Rescue Squadron (RQS) Zack represents the only career field within the Department of Defense specifically organized, trained, and equipped to conduct full-spectrum personnel recovery to include both conventional and unconventional combat rescue operations. As a highly trained personnel recovery specialist, Zack mentored peers as a renowned expert in Tactical Casualty Combat Care (TCCC). Additionally, Zack is a subject matter expert in the following sub categories of austere medicine: K9, Dive, Remote wilderness, in-flight, mass casualty, and environmental/chemical. Finally, Zack is a nationally registered paramedic.


Mason has been an active Law enforcement officer within one of the largest counties in the United States since 2005, and is currently assigned to the SWAT division’s full time tactical unit.   While in the SWAT division Mason has been a part of more than 500 tactical operations, with rolls as a breacher, entry, containment positions, and a designated sniper.

Mason’s prior assignments in the office include working in the jail system, court system, patrol, and the dignitary protection unit within the office that worked within the office as well as operational assistance to US Capital Police and Secret service when needed during dignitary visits to the county.

Along with a Detention academy and 22 week police academy, Mason has also been through training in driving at the Bondurant school of driving, Rogers Shooting school, Miletich Fighting systems for LE, Basic SWAT school, Night Vision operator course, high threat vehicle engagements course, Tactical SCBA School, FBI sniper school, and has trained several years in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Mason is a state certified general instructor and the SWAT unit is tasked with assisting the training division with creating/implementing training programs for the office.


John Miller is a full time SWAT officer in the State of Texas. In conjunction with duties as a tactical law
enforcement officer, John currently serves in the Army National Guard with 12+ years of service in highly specialized units focusing on counter terrorism, irregular warfare, specialized reconnaissance, and direct action. John has real world experience spanning multiple regions to include Afghanistan, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean, in addition to domestic operations.

John has extensive training in advanced rural and urban operations, terrorism and counter-terrorism,
vehicle and mobility operations, infiltration and exfiltration methods, high risk survival, and operational design and planning. John is a certified firearms instructor through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and regularly conducts instruction at all levels for pistol, carbine, shotgun, fully automatic crew served weapons, and long range weapon systems.

“My goal is to provide a merger between the military, law enforcement, and civilian community as an
active member of all three. I hope to foster the exchange of knowledge for self-defense, self-
betterment, and personal growth through Fieldcraft Survival’s training methodology.”