Fieldcraft Assessment Course


FieldCraft Survival's Assessment Course trains specifically in Special Operations Mindset, Physical Fitness, Basic Orienteering and Land Navigation, Foot Care, Overland Movement with a Rucksack(Backpack), Leadership, Teamwork, Nutrition, and Modern Special Operations Forces. Whether you are looking to elevate your position in life or Assess to try and become an Elite Commando, FieldCraft's Assessment Course is designed specifically for you. This 2.5 day course will cover many aspects of Special Operations selections (SF, Ranger, MARSOC, CCT, & PJ) Taught and led by former U.S. Special Operations soldiers with years of operational experience, FieldCraft Survival's Cadre will teach you and start to build the layers of resilience required to be successful in life and Special Operations.


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Fieldcraft exists to equip American citizens with the tools & training necessary to better protect themselves.

Coordinating Instructions:

Students will show up at training location no later than 18:00(6pm) on Friday with the required packing list and a good attitude ready to train. The Assessment Course will end at 13:00(1pm) on Sunday. Please ensure your travel arrangements are set up to work around the stated timeline. Lodging and food will be provided at the training site and is included in the overall price of the course. Transportation will not be provided to and from the airport so plan accordingly.

Final instructions will be emailed to all students 1 to 2 weeks prior to the start of the course.

Assessment Course Packing List:

-1 towel

-1 hygiene kit

-1 shower shoes/flip flops

-2 Sets of weather appropriate workout clothing

-1 tennis shoes w/2 pairs of athletic socks

-1 boots(Military or Hiking style) of your choice with multiple pairs of socks( smartwool etc.)

-cash for snacks, swag, and drinks/extra purchases

-1 book (required-subject matter on you)

-glasses/meds if applicable

-1 sleeping mat (no air mattress)

-1 foot care kit

-1 travel or camp pillow and sleeping bag (poncho liner)

-2 water containers(Camelback, Nalgene bottles etc.)

-you may have phone and charger

-1 ruck sack you’ve trained with that can handle at least 45lbs dry(recommend a Military style rucksack but not required)

-2 pen or pencil with notebook

-civilian attire to travel to and from training site

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