Gun Fighters Pistol Course

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This course is designed to give you the fundamentals of Gun Fighting where you will build the warrior fighter mind set and skill sets to effectively shoot, move and communicate with a pistol.

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Fieldcraft exists to equip American citizens with the tools & training necessary to better protect themselves.

Class requirements:

  • Pistol
  • 500 rounds
  • Holster
  • Magazine holder x 2
  • Eyes and ears


Plan travel accordingly.

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Snacks & drinks.


November 26 – Ceres, CA, November 26 – Ceres, CA – LEO


    Great instruction and real world combat experience is poured into training in this course. Kurt ran us through some great technique applications and it drove us all to be better gunfighters at the end of the day. Everyone who took the course walked away with an enlightened sense of what it takes to WIN in a gunfight.

    Evan Cowan
    Former Infantryman and LEO
    101st Airborne Division

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