FieldCraft Off Road Survival Course

The FieldCraft “Off Road Survival” Course is a two day overland/survival course that will take you along intermediate trails with stops along the way to learn and get practical experience in basic survival including fire, water, signal, land navigation, and fighting from your vehicle. This course will also give you intermediate medical training and first aid in the event of trauma (Gun shot wounds/broken bones). This two day course will be an overnight course where we will camp overnight.

Recommended items to bring:

-sleeping bag

-tent or car/tent

-food/water (one meal will be provided)

-go bag with any and all survival equipment

-bug repellent

-appropriate clothing for the weather

-light source (headlamp)

-trash bags for your personal trash

-baby wipes

-eyes and ear protection

-personal medical kit

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Fieldcraft exists to equip American citizens with the tools & training necessary to better protect themselves.


-off road capable vehicle (4×4/AWD)

-equipment to sleep overnight

-snacks and drinks

-bring your own guns and at least 50-100 rounds

What will be provided:

Minimalist survival kit

Dinner on the night of the 30th

Starts 8am on Saturday morning and ends 4pm on Sunday

Survival and medical kits available for purchase

Parameter Value

September 30 – October 1, Fernley, NV